From the world's forests to our homes and offices, the natural beauty of wood enriches our lives in almost every aspect.  Since ancient days, wood veneer has driven our sense of style, functionality, and craftsmanship.  Sobo U.S.A. is all about bringing a little piece of that splendor to you doorstep.  We import the finest wood veneer from the forests of Africa, Europe, South America, and Asia in many different species.

Sobo U.S.A. opened it's doors in 2003 in High Point, NC.  Along with our partners, Bordeaux Specialty Veneer, we have over seventy years of combined experience in the veneer industry.

Since its inception, Sobo U.S.A. has been a leading provider of mahogany to all facets of the wood working industry.  In addition, we offer a wide range of exotic species, including but not limited to: Anigre, European beech and white oak, English sycamore, ebony, sapele, makore, wenge, and zebrano.